Sunday, August 26, 2007

The 11th hour hype.

I just saw the 11th hour movie and I have to admit that it made me wonder, which I think is one of the main purposes of any film. I like the introductory message which implies that it’s not about earth, is about saving our own butts (selfish, yummy!). And I was impressed by the marketing strategy that they are using (The whole nine yards about web-marketing)

I think that this "environmental trend" is an open market for all artists because like the movie established "there is a need to reinvent our social and economical systems" and who could be better to accomplish this task that those who were borne to survive thanks to their imagination.

Nevertheless I share the message of the film and I hope history will prove me wrong, I have to admit that I don't believe the hype. First of all because we can’t reinvent the human being; we are what we are. And second, because I don't think humans are here to stay. I believe that there will be the time when humanity will move on to participate of a completely different reality, maybe saying good bye to the human experience (although I'm glad of being a human)

In order to give a more structured thought, I'm going to share a piece of literature from Fyodor Dostoevsky that appears in the short story "Notes from the underground” and I think comes right on the money:

"In short, you can say anything you like about world history, anything that might enter the head of a man with the most disordered imagination. One thing, though, you cannot possible say about it: you cannot say is sensible. If you did, you would choke at the firs word. And, moreover, this is the sort of curious thing you come across almost every minute: continually there crop up in life such sensible and moral people, such sages and lovers of humanity whose only object seems to be to live all their lives as sensibly and morally as possible, to be, as it were, a shining light to the neighbours for the sole purpose of proving to them that that it is possible to live morally and sensible in the world. And what happens? We know that many of these altruists, sooner or later, toward the end of their lives, were untrue to themselves, committing some folly, sometimes indeed of almost indecent nature...."

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